week 6

What makes a sound comic is often that it is exaggerated and “not realistic”. My encounter with such sounds is often through cartoons, and the most “typical” comic sounds that I first think of often belongs in old school cartoons. In this version of The red hood from 1943 comic sounds is used to make the clip more funny.

The sounds I’m referring to as “not realistic” could for instance be when the wolf hits his head with a hammer. It then makes a bell kind of sound, which first of all makes it less serious since it’s not realistic, but it also adds to the comedic situation in the scene. The narrator in the beginning of the clip is also speaking in a way that makes it comedic, and a bit ironic. Higher pitch and not in full voice. When they change the roles of the characters he speaks in a lower pitch and more ‘serious’, which in contrast to the first way of speaking also makes it more comedic.

In this clip, which in so many ways are pretty disturbing, the use of comedic sounds makes it less disturbing.

When the thread is being pulled it sounds like you are winding a thread onto something like a wheel, since it probably wouldn’t sound like this it takes away the ‘realness’ of the situation which both makes it more funny and less disturbing. When the thread is stuck, a ‘bong’ is heard which adds comedy to the situation. The sound is then exaggerated and not ‘realistic’. In this clip the use of comedic sound suits the image which is a cartoon and takes a bit of the edge of the disturbing scene we are seeing. In both of the clips above, the use of comedic sounds makes it more ‘light’. Although some sounds generally would be considered funny, as Chris Scarabosio, a sound designer at Skywalker studio, points out in an interview, that they’re always context driven. One sound in one movie would not be funny in another movie, or even in another scene in the same movie. Maybe it is the absurd situation in the DonHertzfield movie that makes it funny. It releases the tension in the clip and we perceive it as funny. But since humor is a highly subjective and individually based thing, one thing that I might find funny the person next to me might not. In the Red hot riding Hood-clip, they use more traditionally “funny” sounds which are exaggerate and mismatching to what the real sound would sound like, and therefore supposedly funny.





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