Week 12

To summarize this course I want to do a analyzes on a clip from ‘There will be blood’ by using different terms and theory’s we’ve learnt throughout the semester. The clip, I think, is not only aesthetically beautiful but is a very powerful scene which I have gone back to watch many times during this… Continue reading Week 12

Week 10

By using a certain kind of music, it can place you in a certain physical space. When a movie want to place a viewer in a certain country, the sound designers and music composers often use very stereotypical musical choice. This, I would argue, applies more to huge movies with large budgets, where it is… Continue reading Week 10

Week 9

As we watched dance movies in class I was inspired to go and see what more I could find. I have never really looked at contemporary dance videos before, certainly not with the intent to analyze the sound in them. But what I discovered was that most movies had the music track overlaying the images… Continue reading Week 9

Week 8

For anything to have an effect there must be contrast. The same applies to sound. If you have a really intense scene with music, sound design and a lot of action you’re bound to have some silence to enhance those sounds. The longer you’re exposed to loud sounds, the more you get use to it… Continue reading Week 8

week 7

Materializing and de-materialzing sound can be done in so many different ways. A film score can materialize different aspects of the movie for instance. Miguel Mera investigates this subject in the article ‘Materialising film music’. He gives the example of how the oil in the movie ‘There will be blood’ is being materialised through the… Continue reading week 7